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"BSP Sessions" is a series of studio and live recordings for the electronic music fans. The shows you will find here cover a wide variety of style; from House, Trance, Dubstep, Break Beat, Drum N Bass, Lounge/Chillout, even Goa and more. Every two weeks or so, we will release a new recording with some of the newest music out there all the way to good old milestone classics.

Would you ever require to get BSP Entertainment music services, these recordings will give you an idea of what we can do, the quality of our DJs and the professionalism we adhere to.

**Please note these recordings are not representative of the services BSP Entertainment offers for events such as weddings, corporate events and more. They are intended for electronic music events. Also. BSP Sessions is only intended as DJ skills demonstrations. These recordings are not intended for re-sale. For each track's copyrights information, please see the track list.

 With no further delays, crank up the volume and enjoy... 

                BSP Session 17 :

        Guest mix - DJ Nikki!

​​Welcome to BSP Session 17!

Today's mix is our second live guest mix! The following music was mixed by our very own DJ Nikki! Based in Montreal, Canada, Nikki is one of the fastest learners I have seen in a long time. After 2 years of DJing she already has a distinctive sound of her own; fresh house and disco house beats that will share her love of music with you. She is the newest addition to the BSP Entertainment DJs team and her collaboration with BSP is very promising. She is versed in both the latest music fresh out of the press and the old school full of memories.

Without any further due, please welcome DJ Nikki!

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