Name: Marcus Benjamin

Role in BSP: DJ

Born in the early 80s, Marcus grew up listening to

music everyday of his childhood. His father

introduced him to the basics of DJing at a very

young age. He always played around with music as

a hobby and finally got a little more serious about

5 years ago when he started buying his own

equipment. Marcus tried out many different types

of vinyl turntable setups as well as multiple Numark

CDJ systems but eventually settled on a Numark

mixdeck as it is compact with the option to use

4 different sources of music on one single compact


Marcus as a unique talent to use any type of music

and mix it together despite the style differences

between them. For the past 5 years Marcus has

been DJing, he has had great success with events

such as weddings, birthday parties, small get together

and events as big as a great ball held at the SHAW

convention centre in downtown Ottawa.

As BSP expands it's activities to Trenton, Marcus will be taking great care of our clients within the National Capital Region. Don't hesitate to contact us for booking!‚Äč