Name: Simon Tawell

DJ stage name: Fisher

DJ since: 1991

Born: Quebec city

Role in BSP: General Manager, DJ, Photographer

Simon Tawell is the owner of BSP Entertainment.

He learned the basics of stage performance in 1989

in Quebec city where quickly learned sound and

lighting techniques. Over the past 25+ years, he

has been a club owner twice, club manager also

twice, DJ for more than a dozen clubs across the

East coast, DJ for countless large electronic music

festivals, marketing staff coordinator, contractor

and adviser for other production companies, Hi-Fi

provincial tour adviser for Labatt and Radio Energy,

he released 3 albums over the years (God Speed,

Forbidden Dreams, The Pawn Catastrophe) and

his passion for electronic music brought him all the

way to Miami in 2006. Over the years he got the chance to play alongside some of the biggest names out there, world class DJs he considers as mentors.

In 1987, as the old "BBS" era (before Internet was widely used and known) was still trendy, he felt in love with "chip music", the ancestor of the modern techno. Without knowing it he witnessed the evolution of a whole generation and decided to contribute to it.

Simon has a natural talent when time comes to get people on the dance floor. His years of experience with computers, electronics and acoustic music instruments got him to experiment with many music styles, which quickly turned into a passion for most music genres with few exceptions. Over the years he mastered several music styles such as House, Trance, Drum and Bass, Break Beat, Goa, Industrial, Dubstep, Lounge, Chillout, Ambient and many more.

His current professional equipment preference goes toward the Numark NS6 because of it's versatility and material quality but he never goes very far from his first love: records (vinyls). He never leaves anything to chance and always has a CD player backup plan just in case but will always come back to his roots eventually. If you ever have time for a conversation with him, it is with great passion and a spark in his eyes that he will tell you more about the history of electronic music, how some genres came to exist, the complexity of the trade and some funny anecdotes few DJs share.

He now lives in Trenton, Ontario, Canada where he devotes his life to both music and photography sides of BSP Entertainment and also to his wife Nicole who shares his passion for music.

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