Name: Nicole Ste-Marie

Born: Montreal city

Role in BSP: Assistant Manager, Public Relations,

‚Äč                     Music advisor and logistics, junior DJ

Nicole Ste-Marie occupies a very important role

within the BSP music division. First and foremost

she is the assistant manager and takes care of

the logistics by keeping the company books up to


Nicole is also BSP's main music advisor. She has

a phenomenal memory of "who" played "which song"

from "which year". She as a natural instinct when

time comes to build a sequence, she has a great

talent to feel the crowd and knows what will be

popular on the dance floor. She has an extended

knowledge of music from 1950s classic rock all the

way to the latest Top 40 billboard.

Above and beyond everything else, Nicole is the official spokesperson for BSP. She has extensive professional experience with public relations and takes care of everything that relates to the contact with people attending the events. Would you ever have a special request, she will know exactly what you want and will gladly process your request.  Her talent with the media has also been required on numerous occasions with on site TV crews filming our performance on stage.

Last but not least, Nicole is now a junior DJ with BSP! She learns fast and isn't scared of taking on the front stage.

Let us know if you have any questions or an interview request, Nicole will be glad to provide you the requested information.