Joy Kim would probably deserve the "Best Fan Ever" prize if there was one. She literally went to the other end of the world with BSP promotional material and brought our banner to Mount Everest despite the equipment volume and weight restrictions. Check out the pictures here! We are very much looking forward to see where she will bring BSP's promotional material next time.


David Davis and Mike Philpott are extremely talented builders. Thanks to their skills set, BSP has two awesome solid metal arches to support our lighting equipment! They also are very good with an embroidery machine and were able to make some of BSP's corporate shirts. They both always offered their time without asking for anything in return which has always been greatly appreciated. They have shown a great deal of patience with our projects and requests, we can only hope we'll have to return the favor one day. David has even helped us setting up equipment for some larger events.

Vincent Tremblay has been a supporter beyond what one could expect from any fan. Also a major player at Hackfest, He has been a believer in BSP for years now and has pulled some strings on several occasions to help us out. Discreet, he never asked for a reward or recognition. He gives without asking and has always been of a great help from backstage.

Jean-Francois Olivier is as devoted as one could possibly be. BSP supporter but also close personal friend of Simon for more than a decade, he is a force of nature and will never hesitate to give BSP a hand with equipment. Loyal, energetic, efficient and determined, he would go to the end of the world to help a friend in need.


Pierre-Guy Lavoie is the Director of Sekcore Inc. located in Quebec city. Close personal friend of Simon, he has been a strong supporter of BSP since the very beginning and provided IT logistics and technical services/support on numerous occasions. His technical expertise and contacts turned out to be a life saver many times.

Patrick Mathieu is one of the main managers for the Hackfest in Quebec city. BSP would like to acknowledge his support since 2012 by entrusting us with one of our biggest contract. He always demonstrated trust and enthusiasm toward our services and we wanted to take the time to thank him for it. We really hope to keep on doing business together for the upcoming years.

Alexandre Tardif has been a strong believer and supporter of BSP since the early days. He never hesitated to give a hand setting up heavy equipment and acting as a secondary photographer for the Hackfest in Quebec city. He gave his time without counting and has always demonstrated a very high level of motivation to get things done right. Currently located in Quebec city, we know we can count on him at all time.

Chris Code is a composer, singer and guitar player for the group "In Hard Times". An experienced musician, he knows the tricks of the trade for stage work really well. Chris gave BSP a hand on several occasions for equipment setup, he also donated some equipment. It is with great pleasure that BSP returned the favor by providing equipment and photographer services for one of his events in a church. It is with great pride that we also helped him producing a single he released in 2012 which was publicised in the media.



Claudia Fleming Floral Design.  We had the pleasure to meet Claudia Fleming at one of our past events. Considering BSP offers both DJ and photographer services for weddings, it is a great business partnership and a pleasure for us to recommend her expertise.

You need flowers for your event? Don't hesitate to contact her at the link here bellow.

Business Parteners


Kingston Clean Freaks.  Some events can get messy and you won't always feel like cleaning up everything after partying all night long so why not hire experts to do it?  That's where Kingston Clean Freaks can help you. We have known them for a very long time and will recommend their services without any hesitations.  You need the location of your venue cleaned up? Give them a shout with any of the links bellow.

EyeUp Drone Media.‚Äč BSP can take care of the music and photography from the ground level but sometimes the best point of view is up there. This is why BSP is glad to refer the services of EyeUp Drone Media. Would you ever require this eagle eye point of view of your event, give them a should! They will gladly listen to your project.  Check out their website at: