Conventions and seminars

Most of you probably attended some sort of seminar once. Many companies send their staff for training, ideas sharing with other companies, new products presentation or just group affiliations. Those can last several days if not weeks and gather a large number of people with similar interests or professional background. Presentations and speeches are interesting but it is so much better with appropriate music playing between the presentations! It can be in the lobby during the event registration, it can be played in the backgroud as a general atmosphere, it can be after the main presentations while the guests celebrate, etc. A good atmosphere will keep your guests on site longer, will bring more people and will leave a better feedback once the event is over.

We can even provide our equipment (speakers and microphones, projectors, static display lighting) if you need it. As usual, we pay attention to make sure everything we play is appropriate for the kind of event we perform at.

Your company would like the professional services of a DJ for the duration of your event? No problems at all! Our staff can cover extended hours over many days. Feel free to get in touch with us to find out how we could turn a silent convention into a weekend your guests will be looking for to come back next year!

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