This is it! This is the big day you have chosen to unite your lives together. Whether you have decided to make an intimate and private reception with your close friends and immediate family or decided to go all out with a very large list of guests, we can help you with it all.  Our crew has decades of cumulative experience with weddings and we can accommodate the most classic venues all the way to the most eccentric ones. Our services can include the ceremony and/or the reception after.

With BSP, each event is unique, we take the time to make sure everything will be customized for you in the smallest details. A quick initial conversation with each client to ask some basic questions will lets us know more about how the groom and bride imagined their perfect venue and which specific song they want for each of the key moments during the reception or the ceremony. We can accommodate any style of music (classic, jazz, rock, pop, country, techno, hip hop, etc.) depending of what you have in mind, it is all up to you and we will be there to give suggestions.

You live outside of our immediate business radius? No problems at all! We cover from Toronto all the way to Quebec city! There are minor additional expenses to cover the fuel cost and distance but it won't be a problem as we will gladly get to your location wherever it is.

We even have a large selection of equipment to make it even more romantic. What about your first dance under a light fluffy artificial snow that will remind you of that winter day you met him/her? Or what about cute bubbles? Fog machine, lasers, we have it all. We can even accommodate venues located where there isn't any power! Our powerful generator gives us the ultimate mobility. All you need to do is ask and we will gladly see what we can do.

Our prices are extremely competitive too! Depending of what you want, we can fit pretty much any budget. Just tell us what is your limit, what you would like and we will make sure to give you the best value and even more.

You would like to get a quote? You will find a simple questionnaire here to get in touch with us.

You need a wedding professional photographer too? Sure! Check out our photography division!